Sanyo Players

Sanyo MDG-P3

Sanyo MDG-P3Portable MD Player (released 3/99)
Intro: 10/1999 (? guess)
out: headphoneDIM

Features: 40-second shock buffer. 3-level bass boost, 5-level battery indicator, single/all repeat modes, Automatic Volume Limitation System (AVLS). Ability to set its greeting and power off messages using a titled disc and special button presses.

Links: Sanyo's Japanese page for this unit. A German page for the Sanyo MDG-P3 player.

Specs: A unique combination of two rechargeable nickel hydrogen batteries (NiMH) allows the player to achieve a very long battery life.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH x 2215.5 hr
AA x 1hr
Both31 hr

Sanyo MDG-P1

Sanyo (?)
RCA RP-6001A
Sanyo MDG-P1
Saba MCD-1
portable player
Intro: 12/1993 (? guess)
MSRP $249.99
Street $95-$145
out: line, hdphn/remote, DC IN: 3.6v3.5" x 5.63" x 1.13" 15oz w/nicad

Features: ATRAC 2, 10sec shock memory, wired in-line remote, external pack (3)AA batteries, 3 position bass+treble boost, backlit display (under AC), AC power supply, earbud phones, leather-like case. Remote: Play/pause, stop, track fwd/rev, hold, volume.

Controls: Play, pause, stop, track fwd/rev, fast fwd/rev, shuffle, 10 sec introscan, 20 track program, display shows: (level meters, track #, time elapsed) or (disc title, total tracks, total time) or (date/time recorded, track #, time elapsed), hold, volume.

Evaluation: Very sturdy, good feel and quality. Dropped many times with no effect. Dated manufacture 7/93. Came with SONY SAMPLER disc. Battery states it is used with Sanyo, Saba and RCA models. Power draw is in excess of 400mah. -Chris V.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiCd (900mAh)1.5 hr3 hr
AA x 30.75 hr
Both2.25 hr

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