MiniDisc Uploaders Equipment Notes

General Information for Uploading Recorders is devoted primarily to Minidisc equipment and accessories. However, a considerable number of visitors are under the misconception that Minidisc equipment can be used for recording live audio material and subsequently uploading this audio easily onto a computer. This is unfortunately not the case; Sony has steadfastly refused to provide an easy computer upload path for Minidisc audio, despite considerable customer interest in having such a capability. (If this strikes you as an absurd state of affairs for a product from a technology company such as Sony, do consider writing them at [email protected]).

Since this site's primary goal is to help users, it behooves us to present information on alternative equipment that does in fact provide easy audio uploading to PC.

All equipment listed in this section:

If you know of any such equipment that we don't list in our tables, please let us know!.

Sadly, although these uploaders sometimes offer prodigious recording capacity and sophisticated interfaces, their recording features can be quite primitive. Every MD recorder with MIC or LINE inputs has recording level meters, a way of adjusting the recording level, and a way of editing the recording to trim unwanted material at the beginning and end. On many of the devices here such features are glaringly absent. When selecting a unit, be careful to acertain whether it really possesses the features you assume it does. Double-check by looking in the manual.

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