Sharp MD-S50H / MD-S50X

Operation Manual



Storing the unit

Avoid using or the unit in the following places.

Power Source

AC power

  1. Connect the AC adaptor lead to the DC IN 5V socket on the main unit.
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to an AC socket.

Rechargeable battery power

Be sure to fully charge the rechargeable battery when using it for the first time or after a long period of storage.
  1. Open the battery compartment cover.
  2. Insert the rechargeable battery, and replace the battery compartment cover.
    *Insert the side with the arrow first.
  3. Plug the AC adaptor into an AC socket, and than insert the plug on the AC adaptor lead into the DC IN 5V socket.
  4. Press the start button, and then press the stop button to turn off power.

Rechargeable battery operating time

After the battery has been fully charged, it can be used continuously for approximately 4 hours. Whilst the unit is being operated, the battery indicator will appear on the remote control. As the battery charge is reduced with use the bars in the battery indicator will go out one by one.

Service life of the rechargeable battery

Loading a MiniDisc

  1. Move the Disc Open knob in the direction of the arrow.
    *The disc holder will open slightly.
  2. Open the disc holder gently until it stops.
  3. If the disc holder is not fully opened, the MiniDisc may not load properly.
  4. Load the MiniDisc in the direction of the arrow indicated on the MiniDisc with the label side facing up. (Pushing on the centre part of the MiniDisc.)
  5. Close the disc holder

MiniDisc operation

MiniDisc playback

  1. Connect the headphones firmly to the headphones socket on the remote control unit.
  2. Connect the remote control unit firmly to the headphones socket on the main unit
  3. Press the PLAY button
    1. The Power indicator will light up and `HELLO!' will appear in the display.
    2. The PLAY indicator and the track number will be displayed, and playback will begin, starting from the first track.
      *When a MiniDisc which contains character information is played back, the name of the track is being played back will also be displayed.
    3. The name of the track being played back is displayed in scroll fashion (the characters will move towards the left.
      *After the last track has finished playback, the disc will automatically stop.
To stop playback: To interrupt playback To turn off the power: Notes:


Press the VOLUME/+ button to increase the volume and the VOLUME/- button to decrease the volume


Each time the BASS button is pressed the tone will switch as follows:
  1. BASS 1 : Bass is emphasised a little
  2. BASS 2 : Bass is emphasised more
  3. BASS 3 : Bass is emphasised still more
  4. BASS 4 : Bass emphasis is cancelled.

APSS (Auto Program Search System)

APSS automatically locates the beginning of any track.

To move to the beginning of the next track: Press the FAST FORWARD button during playback.

To re-start the track being played: Press the FAST REVERSE button during playback.
* The PLAY indicator will flash, and the track number chosen will be displayed

To skip a number of tracks press the FAST FORWARD or the FAST REVERSE button repeatedly until the desired track is shown.

Cue and review

  1. Load a MD and begin playback.
  2. Press and hold the FAST FORWARD button down for audible fast forward, and press the FAST REVERSE button down for audible fast reverse.
  3. Playback will resume when the FAST FORWARD or FAST REVERSE button is released
Notes: To search very quickly:

When fast forward or fast reverse is used whilst in the pause mode, the search will be performed more quickly than audible fast forward or fast reverse.

Repeat play

During playback or whilst in the stop mode, press the PLAY MODE button repeatedly to select the playback mode. To cancel repeat play: Press the PLAY MODE button to turn off.

Random play

Same as # Repeat play.



Hold function

To avoid pressing buttons accidentally, use the hold function.
  1. Place the HOLD switch in the safety position.
  2. When the unit is in safety mode, pressing the buttons will have no affect. To operate the unit, place the HOLD switch in off position.
    *To resume operation, return the HOLD to its original position.

Button operation confirmation

Every time a button is pressed, a `beep' will be heard in the headphones. To eliminate the `beep' sound proceed as follows: Hold down the BASS button until `beep' is displayed (at least 2 seconds) To restore the button operation confirmation feature: Hold down the BASS button until `BEEP 0' is displayed (at least 2 seconds). Note:

Checking Minidisc names and track names

To check disk names

Whilst in the stop mode, press the DISPLAY button


To check the name of the track being played back

Press the DISPLAY button during playback. To check individual track names one by one: Press the FAST FORWARD or the FAST REVERSE button in the stop mode. Each time the button is pressed the previous or next track will be displayed

To listen to a disc using an external amplifier

By using a RCA lead with a 3.5 mm (1/8") diameter plug, you can listen to a disc using a amplifier and speakers of another stereo system. Notes:

Shock Resistant Memory

During playback, up to 10 sec. of information is stored in the semiconductor memory. Therefore, even when the pickup cannot read information for a second or two due to an external shock, the sound continues without interruption because the information stored in memory is output. To ensure that approximately 10 sec of information is always stored during battery operation hold the PLAY MODE button (for at least 2 sec.) whilst in the stop mode to make `PS off' appear. To return to the original storage condition , hold down the PLAY MODE button (for at least 2 sec.) to make `auto PS' appear.


Moisture condensation

In the following cases, condensation may form inside the unit. When the unit condensation inside the disc signals cannot be read, and product may not function properly.

If trouble occurs

If the unit should emit strange sounds, smells or smoke, or if an object is dropped into the unit, remove the AC adaptor from the AC socket and contact an authorised Sharp centre.

When this product is subjected to strong external interference (mechanical shock, excessive static electricity, abnormal supply voltage due to lightning, etc.) or if it is operated incorrectly it may malfunction. If such trouble occurs proceed as follows:

  1. Unplug the AC adaptor from the Ac socket.
  2. Remove the rechargeable battery.
  3. Leave the unit completely unpowered for approximately 30 sec.
  4. Insert the rechargeable battery.
  5. Reconnect the AC adaptor to the AC socket and try operation again.
Many potential `problems' can be resolved by the owner without calling a service technician. If something seems to be wrong with the product, check the following points before calling your authorised Sharp dealer or service centre.

The unit does not turn on.
  • The AC adaptor is disconnected.
  • The rechargeable battery is exhausted.
  • The unit is in safety mode.
  • The disc holder is not closed
The rechargeable battery does not charge
  • It takes a maximum of 2 minutes whilst the unit checks the condition of the rechargeable battery and actually starts recharging.
  • After charging a rechargeable battery which has not been used very often, insert it into the unit, playing a disc (for several seconds), and then turn off the power to the main unit.
The unit will not function even when operation buttons are pressed.
  • The unit is in the safety mode.
  • The remote control unit plug or headphone plug is not inserted firmly.
  • The rechargeable battery is exhausted.
  • The disc holder isn't closed securely.
No sounds can be heard from the headphones
  • The volume is set to low.
  • The remote unit or headphones are not plugged.
Playback is interrupted
  • The rechargeable battery is exhausted.
  • The unit is receiving excessive vibration.

When an error message is displayed, proceed as follows:

Display Meaning Remedy
No DISC No disc is loaded. Load a disc.
E-DISC The disc is damaged or the music information is not written properly on the disc
Blank Nothing is recorded. Replace the disc with a recorded one.
[00] Music is not being recorded. Replace the disc with a recorded one.
?DISC The data contains an error. Replace the disc.
E-TOC The disc is badly damaged. Replace the disc.
E-UTOC The disc is badly damaged. Replace the disc.
OPEN The disc holder has been opened during playback. Close the disc holder.
E-TEMP The temperature is too high. Turn off the power and wait for a while.
Lo BATT The rechargeable battery has run down. Charge the rechargeable battery.
HOLD The HOLD switch is in safely position. Return the HOLD switch to its original position.
POWER? Incorrect power source is being used. Use a specified power source.
E-SYS The unit has judged itself to be out of order. For repairs, contact the distributor from whom the unit was purchased.



Power source:
  • DC 3.6V (rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • DC 5V (AC adaptor)
  • AC 110 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 0,15A (AC adaptor) 4W
Output power: 20mW (10mW+10mW) (0.2% T.H.D.)
Rechargeable battery performance:
(Fully charged)
Approx. 4 hours (continuous play)
Output level
Type Specified output Max. output level Load Impedance
Headphones - 10mW+10mW 16 ohms
Line 425mV(-12db) - 50 k ohms
Dimensions: Width: 74mm (2-15/16")
Height: 106mm (4-3/16")
Depth: 17.9mm (23/32")
Weight: 150g (0.33lbs) with rechargeable battery
Output socket: Headphones

MiniDisc Player

Type: Portable MiniDisc Player
Signal readout: Non-contact, semi-conductor laser pick-up
Audio channels: 2
Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz +3dB
Rotation speed: Approximately 400 to 900rpm
Error correction: ACIRC
Coding: ATRAC
D/A converter: 1-bit
Sampling frequency: 44,1kHz
Modulation system: EFM
Wow and flutter: Unmeasurable


Type: Inner-ear dynamic
Impedance: 16ohms

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