Search Help

The search box that appears at the top of the home page and elsewhere allows searching of the entire MiniDisc Community Portal site. Simply type the word or phrase you want to search for and hit 'find'.

The search engine is Excite for Web Servers and supports all the usual Excite advanced search extensions (such as '+', '-' and the boolean operators. For more extensive help click here.

Sherlock Plugin

Apple MacOS 8.5 and MacOS 9 users can take advantage of our Sherlock Plugins which allow the MacOS Find/Sherlock feature to be used to search the MiniDisc Community Portal and/or the MiniDisc Mailing List (MD-L).

To use one or both of these plugins simply follow the links below from your Mac's web browser - they should ony take a few seconds to download. Depending on how your browser is configured, in each case you will end up either with a BinHex (.hqx) file or the plugin (.src). If you have a BinHex file, it must be converted with an application such as StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems.

Once you have one or both plugins (.src files) they should be moved on top of your System Folder icon (not the open folder) or moved manually into the Internet Search Sites folder.

Once moved, start Sherlock (command-F from the Finder) and select the plugin(s) from the list of available search resources. MacOS 9/Sherlock 2 users will see the plugin(s) under the 'Internet' channel.

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