Comparison of Sony MDS-JE440/JE640/JB940 Decks

Photos: MDS-JE440 MDS-JE640 MDS-JB940
submitted by W.H.G.Blakeley ([email protected])

The following is a list of differences between the three major current Sony MiniDisc deck models. The low-end deck is the MDS-JE440, the mid-end deck is the MDS-JE640, the high-end deck is the MDS-JB940. I did all the research for this myself, using Pulse magazine (the Sony catalogue available quarterly in Australia), a manual for the JE640 and JE440, and the scan of the JB940 manual.

Features of the MDS-JE440

Better features of the MDS-JE640

Better features of the MDS-JB940

Differences in specifications of the three units


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