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September 21, 2000

New commodity

The stereo recording/reproduction (MDLP) correspondence of MD for a long time is put on the market the MD deck for the first time with E S Series.

MD deck eMDS-JA333ES'

The Sony marketing (The president:ѐG(unknown word) and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) puts MD deck eMDS-JA333ES' where MD corresponded to stereo recording (MDLP) for a long time in can the use of existing MD to twice and four times length on the market. This machine installs gTYPE-R" DSP for ATRAC that the signal processing performance is high and newly developed IC in the MD deck of high-level audio component "E S Series" of our company where the high pitched sound quality design is thorough, and enables the achievement of tone quality near the recording source. Moreover, the personal computer music file can be recorded to MD digitally.

Type nameSale dayPrice (excluding tax)ColorFirst monthly production
MD deck
October 10100,000 yenGold500

- Main feature

1. Efficient ICgVC24 plus" which achieves tone quality with high purity is installed.
Efficient ICgVC24 plus" by which the pulse generator which generated a digital filter on which the change in a slight sound was put when MD was reproduced and a beautiful pulse signal was integrated was installed. Moreover, the transmission speed of a digital filter and the pulse generator is improved to 128Fs, and the reproduction of the sound with high further more accuracy is enabled.

2. The MD stereo recording for a long time and reproduction (MDLP) function are installed.
The stereo recording and the reproduction by the high pitched sound quality of 320 minute at most are possible in the LP4 mode by the adoption of gATRAC3" with the compression efficiency of about twice the voice compression method of past MD and gATRAC" for the voice data compression codec in MD of 80 minutes in the recording time in the LP2 mode for 160 minutes at most. It can be had to use it to record MD media on hand for a long time now.
- The player where the MDLP mode is not installed cannot reproduce the truck of MD recorded in the MDLP mode.

3. Variegated MD which uses the personal computer can be edited.
[It] connects with a personal computer on hand by using personal computer connection kit gPCLK-MN10" (sale schedule on September 25, standard price 15,000 yen, and excluding tax) of another sales, it is possible to operate of the MD deck by the personal computer, edit MD, and input the title. Moreover, light is output from the personal computer to the MD deck by way of USB, and music in music CD of the CD-ROM drive of the personal computer and the personal computer the file of a digital in personal computer noise can be recorded to MD digitally being influenced.

4. gTYPE-R" DSP for ATRAC of the high pitched sound quality is installed.
gTYPE-R" DSP for ATRAC which distributes the re-analysis of the music data and the amount of the bit again is installed by using original "Intelligent bit rear location algorithm", and a high pitched sound quality near the source of the more recording is achieved.
- Processing by gTYPE-R" is not done at the MDLP mode.

5. S.F (scale factor) Edith function that voice level of recorded MD can be adjusted back
The voice level recorded in recording ending MD (magnet-optical disk) other than a music software on the market can be adjusted back. Moreover, it is possible to cut on the way and the fade-in by which the start of a fade-out by which the recorded tune can be produced to natural how to end and an impressive tune can be processed can be edited.
The velocity can record by the twice to MD from CD. The time required to record is made a half.
- This function cannot be used for the truck of MD recorded in the MDLP mode.

6. The current pulse D/A converter is installed in the D/A conversion part.
The voltage noise generated by a change of the power-supply voltage and a digital circuit was expelled because the pulse output as a voltage was converted into the current and [it] transmitted. As a result, abundant expression power is especially enabled in the bass region.

7. The Chinese character and the hiragana title display full dot display are installed.
The input of the title which the Chinese character enters consists of attached remote control/the main body because (*S) builds the Chinese character conversion function into the main body. Moreover, the input title can be displayed in the main body on the full dot display.

- Main specification

Power-supply voltageAC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power20W
Externals size430~124~376(mm)
MassAbout 10.5kg
Input terminalCoaxial 1, light digital ~ digital ~ 2, and analogue ~1
Output terminalCoaxial 1, light digital ~ digital ~ 1, and analogue ~1
Headphone ~1
Recording methodMagnetic field modulation overwrite method
Reproduction reading methodNon-contact optics reading
Number of rotationsAbout 400rpm-900rpm
Error correction methodACIRC(Advanced Cross Interleave Reed-Solomon Code)
Sampling rate44.1kHz
Voice compression methodATRAC(Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding)/ATRAC3
Modulation methodEFM(Eight to Fourteen Modulation)
D/A converterCurrent pulse D/A converter
A/D converter24bit
Frequency characteristic5`20,000Hz}0.3dB
All high note wave warp rate (EIAJ)0.0025% or less
Dynamic range (EIAJ)106dB or more
Signal-Noise ratio (Reproduce). 106dB or more
(*wau*) (*furattah*) (EIAJ)*** As follows <measurement limit (}0.001%WPeak)>

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