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The Nitty-Gritty
  Sony MDX-65  


Toslink Optical Output: For use with compatible receiver/controllers.

Direct "Slot-in" Loading: No magazine needed.

MD Exchange: You can change 5 MDs while the sixth is playing

Non-Delay Play during disc change.

Shock Protection: 10-second Shock Resistant memory.

MD Text: This unit can read track and disc titles from MDs recorded with title information. The disc and track titles read by this unit can be viewed on the display of a Sony head unit equipped with changer controls and text display capabilities.

DAC: 1-bit digital to analog converter

Wide Bit Stream Processing: A 20-bit data path through the digital filter and digital to analog converter delivers improved dynamic range and low-level linearity for lifelike sound.

Mounting: This unit may be installed in any 0-90 degree angle, so long as it is attached to a secure part of the vehicle and is not placed upside down. Angled installs do not require any adjustments to the unit.

Hardware: The included mounting hardware can be used to install on the floor, in the glove box or console box (if there is enough room), or on top of a console box.

Access: There is a door which slides to the right on the front panel of the unit to expose the six MiniDisc slots. When the door is opened, the inside of the compartment is lit for about one minute. The door has a clear acrylic window which shows the MDs inside when closed.

Eject: There are six eject buttons (one next to each slot) inside the compartment. You can remove a disc at anytime except while it is playing. To eject an MD which is playing, there is a stop button which must be pressed prior to ejecting the MiniDisc.

Analog and Digital Connections: There is a switch on the top rear of the unit which allows you to select Analog (factory preset) or Digital. The RCA outputs, Bus Output and Toslink digital output are located behind a protective plastic cover.  When using a Toslink cable, you must use a fairly thin cable (such as the Sony POC cable) since a thicker cable (such as Monster Cable) will not fit through the slots on the plastic cover.  If you want to use thicker cables, you would have to leave the protective cover off.

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 #158MDX65  Yes $500.00  $449.95  

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