Utility for MiniDisc titling

TitleMD is a utility for MiniDisc titling.
The program TitleMD (v. 2.0) is freeware, and the writers are:

If you modify (upgrade) this program, please send me your version.

TitleMD is tested on MDS-JE500, but I think that it will work on most Sony MD Decks.



I can do hardware part for you. If you want it, then send me a mail.

Interface block diagram:

PC - LPT_Port -> Generator 38kHz (of TTL signal) -> Infra LED ~-~-~-~-~-> MiniDisc

Detail wiring diagram of generator



Download executable

TMD_exe.ZIP (17kB) contain: Run TitleMD utility only from MS-DOS (or MS-DOS mode in Windows 95)

Configure TitleMD

You can configure TitleMD by editing Ini-file "TitleMD.Ini".
You can change these parameters:

Download source

TMD_src.ZIP (9kB) contain source files in Borlan Pascal 7.0 (for DOS):

Using of TitleMD:

  1. Create text file with titles of disc and songs in this format:
           <MiniDisc Title>
             [1)] <Title of 1. track>
             [2)] <Title of 2. track>
             [3)] <Title of 3. track>
    Empty lines and lines started with ; are comments (ignored).
           Queen - Made In Heaven
            1) It's A Beautiful Day
            2) Made In Heaven
            3) Let Me Live
            4) Mother Love
  2. Insert (unprotected) MD to MiniDisc Deck
  3. Erase all titles on Your MD
  4. Press Stop on Your MiniDisc Deck
  5. Place IR-LED ahead of MiniDisc Deck
  6. Run TitleMD (from DOS) with file created in (1) as parameter.
            TitleMD Queen.txt
    You can stop this program by pressing <Esc>.

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