SD audio recorder
Audio compression method For AAC compression method
For MP3 compression method
For WMA compression method
Audio method SD audio:AAC method (Advanced Audio Coding) recording and reproduction/MP3 method (MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Audio Layer3) reproduction/WMA method (Windows Media Audio) reproduction
CD:CDDA method (CD Digital Audio) reproduction
The maximum reproduction time (For 64MB SD memory card)
High pitched sound quality mode:About 64 minutes (128kbps)
Standard mode:About 96 minutes (96kbps)
Mode for a long time:About 129 minutes (64kbps)
Frequency characteristic Frequency band region:20Hz-20kHz
Input terminal Analog line input terminal and stereo M3 microphone terminal
Output terminal φ3.5 headphone terminal
Power supply The AC adaptor is used:DC4.5V.
Battery duration When attached Panasonic AA type alkali dry battery is used
*** During about <recording> 4.5-SD hour
*** During about <reproduction> 30-SD hour
*** During about <reproduction> 25-CD hour
The maximum and externals sizes (width × height × depth) The interior 143mm in width ×28.3mm in height × taking 134.5mm(The switch and the projection part contain it).
Size of main body (width × height × depth) Interior 140mm in width ×27mm in height × taking 133mm
Mass About 347g(The dry battery contains it).
About 300g(The dry battery does not contain it).
Attached goods
Stereo inside phon and remote control, AC adaptor, and 2 and AA type alkali dry battery × (*kyaringukeis*)
Feature detailed option

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