Recording Videogame Music to MiniDisc

Steve Winters ([email protected])
November, 1999

One thing I want to share with your readers is the idea of recording videogame music (scores) to MiniDisc. This can be done with either a Playstation or Nintendo64. All you need to do is buy a mini-plug adapter, and then connect the left/right audio cable that comes with your videogame console to the mini-plug, then connect the adapter to your minidisc recorder. It's simple. Recording can be time consuming however, especially if you have to play the game in order to reach certain songs that you wish to record.

Do you use any of the MiniDisc features when doing this? -eaw

Yes I do. I use track-marks when necessary, often in the middle of scores where the music gets intense - like in Final Fantasy Seven or Eight. I also title songs, usually just labelling them as "Battle Music 1" or 2, etc. If I know some of the songs "belong" together, I sometimes combine them, or move them so they are more melodic. You know, slow songs with slow songs, or fast ones with fast. If there's a particular game with exceptional audio, I won't switch to mono, I'll keep it on stereo, but it's gotta be real good to do that. But if the songs are available on MP3, like most Final Fantasy scores, I'll just record them from my computer using WinAmp and an audio cable coming out of my sound card - I find this the quickest way to record MP3's from a computer to a MiniDisc player/recorder (without special software/hardware ). You can also record from a GameBoy or Super Nintendo. Essentially anything that has an audio out jack can be used as a recording source.

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