What is/was coming to MD-dom.

4/2000: Sony will introduce a iLink (firewire) equipped CD/MD system in the UK for £1000 in August (see "Wire Cutter" article) and Kenwood demonstrated an MD/CD/DVD firewire system at the 1998 Fall Comdex. (The basic idea is for firewire to be used as a single bus running between all HiFi components that carries control and data signals.)
Sep 99: A Japanese PC Watch article covering Tokyo's PC EXPO mentions Sony's VAIO prototype with built in audio MD drive. The drive connects through a control A1 port, audio I/O is via uncompressed S/PDIF. Another page has an English description.
Mar 99: Duane Monteith finds a CNN article on the Playstation 2 which suggests the use of DVD to store data, implying MD would not be a primary medium for the new console.
Feb 99: John Plasket finds another hint that Sony's Playstation 2 may include an MD drive.
7 Jan 98:Chris Eastman and Rob Behm bring news of a report in Electronic Gaming Monthly that Sony may equip the new Playstation 64 with a High Density MD. Another rumor appears in GameSpot News.
8 Jan 98:Caleb Chan (and others) find an announcement of Sony's impending MD marketing blitz, in which is mentioned the new MDS-JE520 and MDS-JB920 MD decks along with several other units new to the US market. A further Sony press release gives the launch date and prices for this year's MD gear.
24 Dec 97:Daryl O. spots a Popular Science article mentioning the prototype Pioneer FX5-DVD deck with an MD recorder built-in, shown at the Japan Electronics Show.
18 Oct 97: ``Casio Computer To Enter MiniDisc Market. (TOKYO) Tossing its hat into the MiniDisc ring, Casio Computer Co. next month will introduce a low-priced MiniDisc player.''
15 Oct 97:``Alpine Electronics Inc. will market 15 new car audio products from mid-October, emphasizing MiniDisc/compact disc players equipped with digital harmonics enhancers, company officials said.''

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