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In The Box

Upon opening up the N10's box, you will find the following (package contents below are for the Japanese model; contents may vary for other territories' models):

  • Sony MZ-N10 main unit (duh)
  • USB/Charging Cradle
  • 100V AC adapter (6V DC output)
  • Backlight Remote Control with MDR-E838SP earbuds
  • USB Cable
  • Cloth Carrying Pouch with drawstrings
  • SonicStage CD-ROM
  • Instruction manuals, warranty information, and other extensive documentation (all in Japanese - there is NO English user manual section, as with previous Sony units).

package contents

MZ-N10 Specs

Model Sony MZ-N10
Available Colors Silver, Dark Gray (for Japanese release)
Release Date November 10, 2002
Dimensions 78.5 x 73.3 x 13.8mm (not including protrusions)
83.8 x 74.3 x 18.9mm (at widest portions)
Mass 84 grams (not including disc)
Audio Codecs SP: ATRAC (292kbps stereo or mono)
LP2: ATRAC3 (132kbps stereo)
LP4: ATRAC3 (66kbps joint-stereo)
Battery Life (SP/LP2/LP4) Internal Li-ion only:
17/20/24 hr playback,
8.5/11/14 hr recording

AA x 1 only:
27/32/36 hr playback,
7.5/10/11.5 hr recording

*Li-ion + AA:
42/52/58 hr playback,
15/20/26.5 hr recording
* When using both batteries, the N10 will operate off of one battery at a time, first operating off of the internal Li-ion, then switching to the AA pack only after the internal battery is drained. A display mode on the unit will tell you which battery you are currently operating off of.

Recharge Time 3.5 hours (either via cradle or through battery pack - there is NO DC input jack on the main unit, only on the AA battery pack attachment)
Output Specs Headphone: 5mW + 5mW @ 16 ohms
Line out: 194mV @ 10 kohms
Anti-shock protection G-protection
Input/Output Connectors
  • Line/Optical input (combined, 3.5mm minijack)
  • Microphone input (HIGH [2.5mV] and LOW [0.25mV] sensitivity settings, phantom power supplied)
  • Headphone/4-pin Remote connector (headphone jack is standard 3.5mm input jack)
  • Proprietary USB Connector (2.0 compatible, audio DOWNLOAD ONLY - no uploading capabilities) - also used for connection with external battery pack, which houses the DC 6.0V input jack.
Key Features
  • ATRAC Type-S
  • ATRAC3 downloads via USB at up to 64x speed in LP4 mode (32x in LP2)
  • 6-band adjustable EQ (2 available user presets)
  • Virtual Surround Headphone Modes
  • Bookmark function
  • Rehearsal mode for single-frame (precision track division
  • Jog-dial knob on body for easy navigation
  • 3-line LCD on main unit (NOT backlit)
  • "QUICK" power setting for instantaneous playback from powered-off state
Review unit supplied by Japan-Direct (www.japan-direct.com)

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