Sony DPA-300

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Sony DPA-300MD-Data still video recorder
Intro: 01/1998
MSRP: US$1895
In: Video (Composite: RCAx1, Y/C: Mini DIN 4-pin S type), Audio (RCAx2) Stereo. Out: Video (Composite: RCAx1, Y/C: Mini DIN 4-pin S type), Audio (RCAx2) Stereo. DC IN: 12VDC (w/Sony AC-DA300 adapter) 11 1/8" x 3 1/4" x 11 1/2", 5 lb, 8oz (2.5kg)

Description: Still video image recorder that uses MD-Data blanks to store up to 2000 images

Manufacturer's Description: The Sony DPA-300 still image recording and management system is designed to meet the needs of the Medical and Dental Professional. Compatible with most intraoral camera systems, the DPA-300 captures and records 24-bit color images from a variety of analog video sources and displays these images at high resolution on a standard analog video monitor. The DPA-300 stores up to 2000 images in albums (folders) on a single convenient and cost effective 2.5" MD DATA magneto-optical disc. Images can be archived along with patient records or accessed in a variety of different methods for applications including pre and post patient review, presentations, or education.

  • One button, front panel, image recording
  • Image playback on a standard NTSC TV monitor
  • Choice of image capture mode (standard or fine)
  • Album management system for easy access to stored images
  • Album browse function
  • Choice of playback methods (sequential or random image access)
  • S-Video and composite video I/O
  • Stereo audio I/O
  • External capture and record control with a wireless remote control or a wired footswitch (Footswitch Model #FS-A8, available separately)
  • Automatic Time/Data stamping
  • Image caption and audio annotation capability
  • Image enlargement capability
  • Infrared transmission and receiving capability


Supplied Accessories: Manual, AC Adapter (AC-DA300), Wireless remote (RMT-DA300), AA batteries x 2)


  • Recording Media: MD-Data disc
  • Data Compression (Recording): JPEG Fine mode: 128KB (1,000 images max), JPEG Standard mode: 64KB (2,000 images max).
  • Sampling Freq: Audio: 44.1khz, Video: NTSC 12.273MHz
  • Digital Interface: Sony original IrDA (Based on IrDa Ver 1.0) 1.152Mbit/s (max)
  • Horizontal Resolution: More than 480 TV lines
  • Image information: Disc title: up to 9 alphanumeric letters, Album title: up to 6 alphanumeric letters, Data/Time stamp: year/month/date/hour/min, Caption: up to 125 alphanumeric letters.
  • Power Consumption 20W
  • Operating Temperature: 41F to 95F


Service Manuals: DPA-300, DPA-300

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