Sony MXD-D3

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Sony MXD-D3CD/MD deck
Intro: 9/1999
Street: US$400
IN: line, optical. OUT: line, headphone17"W x 4-3/4"H x 12"D

Features: ATRAC 4.5. Unit will dub CD to MD at 4X realtime, slowing down for CDs it has difficulty reading. Dual CD and MD AMS (track selector) knobs. 20-bit A/D converter. Hybrid-pulse D/A. CD-text display and recording to MD. Digital and analog record level control, 6-second time-shift recording, mono recording capability, 25-track programming, random and repeat play, remote control with direct track access, MD playback pitch control, headphone jack has volume control. Warranty: 1 year in the US, 2 years in Europe.

Notes: The Sony manual says "With the following kinds of CDs, you may experience a reading failure or noise when recorded to an MD. CD's with adhesive labels, Irregularly shaped CD's (Heart shaped, Star shaped etc..), CD's with printed text concentrated on one side only, Old CD's, Scratched CD's, Dirty CD's, Warped CD's"

User Notes: One of the things I love about the MXD-D3 is the fact that it transfers CD-Text information to the MD when recording from CD, so you don't have to sit and title it all manually. However, it appears there are some SCMS-like rules for CD-Text also, and when using most burning software I get a 'TextProtect' error, meaning that the song can be copied but the text won't get to the MD. However, I've noticed a glitch that still allows the text to be transferred. When the unit is copying a CD, it puts the CD-Text title in a 'name buffer' on the MD side. Then the unit uses the buffer to insert the new information into the TOC. When it's copying a CD-Text disc with protected text, it still copies the name to this buffer, but then doesn't send the name to the TOC. I've found that while the unit is copying, if you wait until after the unit says 'textprotect' hit the AMS knob. Select 'name?' and then 'name in?'. The data is there! just hit 'yes' and it copies the name to the TOC. I know it's slightly more 'manual' than it should be, but it still beats titling manually. -Adam Sowers

Links: Sony's Japanese press release for the unit. Sony Europe announcement. Crutchfield's page for the unit. Wired News recommends the Sony MXD-D3 CD/MD deck among the gifts Santa never thought of (under ``cut the tape'', about halfway down the page). Tim Yocum has made a handsome review of the MXD-D3. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. etown gives a lackluster review for this unit.

Specs: SNR: 98dB


User Manual: MXD-D3

Service Manuals: MXD-D3-b, MXD-D3

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