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Disks and Accessories

BCLIP12 Sony BCLIP12 100-240V charger for LIP12 0.12
ADSS70AP Sharp ADSS70AP 100-240V adaptor to 5V 800mA 0.13
RMMZR50 Sony RMMZR50 LCD remote for MZ-R50 0.04
RMMZ35K Sony RMMZ35K LCD remote for current Sony players 0.06
POC5 Sony POC5xx Optical cable 0.5m 0.05
POC10 Sony POC10xx Optical cable 1.0m 0.07
POC15 Sony POC15xx Optical cable 1.5m 0.07
POC30A Sony POC 30A Optical cable 3m (TOS/TOS only) 0.1
RMD10P Sony RMD10P Titling Keyboard for decks 0.35
ECMDS70P Sony ECMDS70P Stereo 1pt mike - T-plug 0.06
MDRG61 Sony MDRG61 Outdoor headphones 0.14
ADCA20X Sharp ADCA20X cigarette lighter power 3.6V 0.2
ADCT13 Sharp ADCT13 car cassette insert 0.2


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