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The Top of the Line Sharp Portable Recorder.

The MD-MS702 comes in one colour: Grey. Very attractive design. This is the so-called rugged version of the MD-MS701. Same specs but a bit more plastic on the outside. I like it.

The package contains: machine, headphones, LCD remote, soft bag, warranty (claims in Japan only) manual including English section, rechargeable Li Ion battery, 100V AC to 5VDC transformer.

Sampling Rate 44.1kHz. 24 bit (Sharp 5) ATRAC. Acoustic Range 20-20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB).

Wow and Flutter +/- 0.001%W

Out ports: headphone/remote control

Power 10mW per channel (32 Ohms)

Electric Supplies:

Batteries: rechargeable LiIon AD-S30BT 3.6V (1 included), 2 x AA (1.5V) in external case.

Battery life. LiIon: 3.5h record, 5h play. 2xAA: 4h record, 8h play. Both: 7.5h record, 13h play

Car: Cassette Insert AD-CA20X (4.5V)
Car cassette adaptor AD-CT13
Worldwide Adapter: AD-SS70AP (100-240v AC to 5v DC 800mA)

Weight 216g, size 87 x 29.4 x 81.5mm


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