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MZ-R50 and MZ-R50(JE).

The MZ-R50. Newer lighter slimmer version of the now classic MZ-R30.

The domestic package (MZ-R50) contains: machine, headphones, "stick" LCD remote, dry cell battery case, soft bag, warranty (claims in Japan only) manual including English and Chinese sections, rechargeable Li Ion LIP8 battery, miniplug to TOS-link optical cable, 100V AC to 6VDC transformer.

The international version (MZ-R50(JE)) has a 100-240V AC to 6V DC adaptor and an international warranty, valid anywhere, but EXCLUDES the optical cable. The manual comes with full English, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal-type I think), Swedish and Finnish sections.

Already very popular. Comes in three colours: a rich orange, blue and the de rigeur silver. The international verision does not come in orange.

Battery Life
Batteries Recording Playback
LIP-8 Lithium ion rechargeble battery 4 hours 7 hours
2xAA alkaline dry batteries 5 hours 12 hours
BP-DM20 Nickel Hydride rechargeable battery 5 hours 8 hours
LIP-8 plus 2xAA 12 hours 22 hours

Uses the standard miniplug headphone jack. No more fiddling with microplugs.

109.5 x 19.7 x 77mm

190g empty, 220g with battery

MZ-R50 List price JPY48,000, MZ-R50(JE) List Price JPY51,000


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