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MD-SS311 and MD-SS312

Here is a translation of the pre-release information on these new players from Sharp.

Headline Features:

"Longest" continuous playback time of 10.5 hours



First ever MD with clock and alarm

Release 25 March 1998 - initial production 20,000 units of each machine.


Body 2.5 times stronger than before yet retains the slim jacket size of its predecessors. Die-cast aluminium body - another first.The current industry leader in playback time of 10.5 hours from one cycle of the rechargeable battery. The first MD with a clock alarm. (The MZ-R50 has a clock, but no alarm. Ed.)

Main features: energy safe high quality lithium ion battery, slot-in and jacket pocket sized still only 20.9mm thick. Die-cast aluminium body that is 2.5 times stronger. (Than what? Ed.)

The display shows song name and time and using the "W" Shuttle released with the MD-SS312, playback, track choice and other basic operations can be performed with one hand.

Beautiful and cool. Easy to carry with a beautifully-designed handstrap.

Matters Technical wrapped up in Sharp Sales Speak

Electric circuit: Single procedure/decoder/RF digital/digital support/EMF procedure/one chip extension

Battery has no memory effect. Can be recharged even when part full.

The included lithium ion battery when used in conjunction with a high-capacity alkali 1.5V battery will give you 17 hours of playback. The LiIon recharges within the body of the machine, just connect it to the external adaptor.

Foreign users must use the AD-SS70AP 100-240V adaptor.

More hype

First in the industry with clock-alarm

First with die-cast aluminium body.

Translator's note: I have removed repetitive statements hereafter.

Alarm has one settable alarm point. LCD is back-lit. Headphone socket can drive big headphones for powerful sound. There are two ways to use the included handstrap. These products are aimed at the youth fashion market with the MD-SS311 sold as "light, easy to carry, casual enjoyable feeling". The MD-SS312 on the other hand is "car-steering image, fast driving, speed and an outdoor feeling". So now you know.

Anti-shock 16bit DRAM for 40 seconds

High-quality sound design with bass-boost and ATRAC decompression algorithm yielding low noise.

The W shuttle Remote (available with the MD-SS312 only) has two little jog wheels set at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on the body of the remote and will be released seperately as the AD-S31RM in April (JPY7,500), as will the Car Mounting Unit AD-S31CU (JPY3,000).

Battery Life
Batteries Playback
AD-S31BT Lithium ion rechargeable battery 10.5 hours
1xAA alkaline dry batteries 6.5 hours
AD-S31BT plus 1xAA 17 hours

MSRP JPY38,000 (MD-SS311) and JPY40,000 (MD-SS312).

Feature Details
Official Name Minidisk Heaedphone Player
Package includes MD-SS311
soft carry pouch
headphones HP-MD70
100V AC-5 DC adaptor
LCD remote control
AD-S31BT battery
external dry-cell case
manual (inc. English section)
MD-SS311 comes in Blue, Silver and Yellow.
MD-SS312 comes in Blue and Grey
Channels 2 channels
Compression ATRAC - Sharp 20-bit
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB
Wow and Flutter below 0.001%W peak
Output Ports Headphones: stereo mini-jack, load impedance 16 Ohm, maximum output level 5mW +5mW
Power sources DC 3.6V Lithium ion Rechargeable battery AD-S31BT(included)
DC 1.5V via (included)external dry cell case 1 AA size alkali cell.
DC 4.5V Car cigarette lighter adapter AD-CA20X.
DC 5V External power adaptor 110-240V AC, AD-SS70AP
Dimensions 87.5 x 20.9 x 80.5 mm
Weight Net including battery: 188g
Gross: 650g


Author: N C Boyde [email protected]
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