Aiwa AM-F5/F7

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Aiwa AM-F5
Aiwa AM-F7
Portable MD recorder
Intro: 12/1997
MSRP ¥45,000 (initial production 8000 units/mo)
in: mic, line, digital. out: line, headphones. DC in: 4.5v97x21.6x77.6mm, 189g (main unit only), 216g w/batt


  • Jog dial on the main body and remote, allowing easy character entry and disc operation (the volume knob doubles as the jog dial on the remote).
  • Divide rehearsal mode (allows fine tuning of divide point with jog dial).
  • Provides syncho recording from digital and analog sources.
  • Sampling rate converter.
  • Stereo/mono recording.
  • Normal and 2X speed playback.
  • Time mark function makes track marks every 5 minutes.
  • Date and time stamp recording.
  • Program (25 tracks), repeat, random, play modes.
  • Resume function (restarts play from stopped place).
  • 3 position battery level indicator.
  • Auto and manual recording level controls, manual recording level can be changed while recording is underway.
  • Silver color.
  • One point stereo mic included.
  • Separate L/R recording level meters.
  • AM-F5 remote does not contain LCD.
  • ATRAC 4.2 (according to Aiwa Germany).
  • Differences from Sony MZ-R50: 10 second (Aiwa) vs. 40 second (Sony) shock memory. Sony button layouts are simpler. Sony has LCD remote. Aiwa allows manual recording levels to be changed without pausing the machine. Aiwa has recording level meters for both channels. Different batteries. Aiwa has smaller appearance. Both machines use clamshell (not slot in) disc loading.

Variants: AM-F7 model is nearly identical to AM-F5. It adds a backlit remote (plus firmware changes to drive it) and a few bug fixes.

Links: Nic Boyde's page for the unit. Aiwa Germany's page for the unit. Aiwa's English announcement for their AM-F7 MD portable Doug Rice shows how he made a Remote Control Timer for an Aiwa AM-F5.


User Manual: AM-F5

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon7 hr4 hr2 hr
AA x 319 hr10 hr
Both26 hr15.5 hr

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