Becker 4937


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Becker 4937Car MD receiver
Intro: 1
Street ~US$1000
Pre-out x 4, subwoofer/center out, Speaker out x 4, Audio in (for mobile phone)

Features: Full graphics display, pos/neg & colour switchable, removable faceplate plus security code, snap-in mounting. Tuner: Ranges : FM/LW/MW/SW(5.9-6.2 MHz) Twin-Frontend-frequency-diversity tuner with double RDS, Dynamic Autostore, 57 FM-Memories, Autostore for LW/MW/SW,Seek/Scan, Programfilter via RDS, Automatic search for Stations with Traffic-announcements, EON-Enhanced other networks, MD-Stop during Traffic-announcements. MD-Player: Full-Logic-drive,Skip forward/reverse,direct title select, Random play, Repeat, Intro play, Display shows All time, remaining time, Title, Title-name. Changer-Control: All of the above. Audio: Source-dependent user-specific programmable Tone/Balance/Fader-control, Speaker-OUT: PreAmp-OUT: 4 channel plus adjustable Subwoofer/Center output. Audio-In for mobile telephone.

Links: Becker radio home page for the unit (in German).

Specs: 4*30 Watt music/4*18 Watt rms.


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