Colorado Sound and Light MD250 Portable MD Suitcase


All, MD250 Portable MD Suitcase

Colorado Sound and Light MD250 Portable MD SuitcaseMD250 Portable MD Suitcase$149
18" X 17" X 5"

Description: Holds 250 MDs (in their jackets), 50 per row, 5 rows wide. Black finish, recessed latches, removable lid. Colorado Sound N' Light, 7301 N. Broadway, Denver, CO 80221, (303) 429-0418, Fax 429-1242, or email Jim Baxter [email protected]. Major credit cards accepted. Customer support: 1 888 429-0418.

User comments: Very durable construction, idea for mobile use (DJing, etc). Unique MD holding system uses the standard MD jackets placed upside down in rows with an insert that raises the MD from the jacket so that it may be easily grasped. Heavy and a bit expensive, but recommended. -eaw


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