Denon DMD-1300

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Denon DMD-1300Home MD Deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)
MSRP $799
in: optical, line. out: optical, line, hdphn.17.1" x 4" x 11.22" (434 x 100 x 285, 8.8 lbs

Features: Sampling rate converter (always in effect, circumventing input jitter and time base problems). Sigma-Delta ADC with 64X oversampling. Divide, combine, move, erase (60ms positional accuracy), but no rehearse function. Program, repeat and random play modes.

Comments: German Stereo Magazine: First home recorder that has no Sony parts. Contains Sharp MD drive and Sharp single chip ATRAC/sample rate converter circuit equivalent to Sony's ATRAC 4. Sounds nearly as good as the Sony MDS-JA3ES but costs only about half as much.

Links: Denon's DMD-1300 news release. Denon's DMD-1300 product page. Denon brochure in PDF format. Brief Denon page for the unit An article from October '97 issue of What Hi*Fi? gives a comparison test of the Denon DMD-1300 and the Sony MDS-JE510. The German Stereo Magazine gives a review of Denon's DMD-1300. E-town has a mini-blurb for the Denon DMD1300.

Specs: S/N 105dB (playback), Dynamic range 96dB. 16W.


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