All, MDP-500

HHB MDP-500professional portable MD recorder
Intro: 10/2000
IN: USB, coaxial and optical SPDIF, balanced XLR mic/line
OUT: USB, coaxial and optical SPDIF, Unbalanced RCA phono line, headphones
W 10" x H 2.2" x D 7.1"

Features: Non-MDLP. Full I/O USB interface for the real-time transfer of audio to/from laptop editing systems (for both Macintosh and Windows systems). Clear display with accurate metering and margin indicator, Automatic gain control, One touch record, Key hold and record level lock, 6 second pre-record buffer, Powered by standard AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMh batteries (8 supplied, rechargeable in the PORTADISC), AC adaptor included (100V-240V).

User Notes: Has a separate limiter as well as the AGC. You can set record gain when using the limiter. I was told the list price was $1450, but my HHb rep charged me $1272. Mine is purple and black, rather than the blue and black all the photos seem to show. -Walter Knapp



User Manual: MDP-500

Service Manual: MDP-500

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
AA x 83 hr2.5 hr
NiMh x8
(1550mAH each)
3.5 hr3 hr? hr

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