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JVC XM-P55Portable Player
Intro: 8/1998
MSRP ¥35,000
out: hdphn84.4 x 16.6 x 80.1mm, 103g (body), 128g (w/batt.)

Features: 40 second shock memory, ``Active Clear Bass'' (adjusts the boost level according to the signal level, giving strong bass without distortion, even when the volume setting is high). LCD remote with ``jog control'', 10 character backlit main LCD and an unusual ``Favorite Track'' function that lets you set where you'd like an MD to start playback. Battery life: NiMH: 7 hrs, with AA cell added: 16 hrs.

Links: JVC's Japanese page for the unit. A user's comments on the unit with links to more photos. JVC Belgium's XM-P55 page. Tony Wang contributes an informative JVC XM-P5 MD player review.


User Manual: XM-P55

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