Kenwood KMD-673R

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Kenwood KMD-673Rin-dash MDLP receiver
Intro: 6/2002

Features: Flipdown TDF (theft deterrent faceplate), RDS tuner, Multi-colour fluorescent display, Dot matrix display, Memory Calendar, Selectable key illumination (Red/Green), Dual CD changer control capability (CD1/CD2 & AUX), DNPS (Disc Name Preset) disc title system, CD Text ready with changers KDC-CPS87/C717/C667, Kenwood to ISO A&B wire, 2 way telephone mute, Remote Controllable (Option)

User Comments: Great sound. A menu function allows scrolling of MD titles and the Disc Title. You can leave it to Auto scroll or manual scroll. The specs indicate a few dB less in dynamic and S/N ratio for the MD section compared to the equivalent line from Pioneer (i.e MEH-7300R for example), but who cares, it's only for listening to in a car. The figures concerning the FM section are in the same range. With a proper reading of the user's manual, you get a very cool unit to listen to all your favorites tunes in car. The LCD reading and front-panel switches and buttons are correctly laid out on the detachable face. The unit seems strong enough to last a few years. -Colin Duport

Links: Kenwood Europe page for the unit.

Specs: Max power: 45watts x 4


User Manual: KMD-673R

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