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Nomad JukeboxHard Disk based MP3 player/PCM recorder
Intro: 8/2000
In: LINE. Out: LINE X 2 (front/rear), Headphones, Data: USB

Features: Hard Disk based recorder. PC/Mac compatible.

  • Records in PCM mode only (no MP3 encoding).
  • Available with 6, 10 and 20GB capacity hard drives.
  • Recording level control can be adjusted during recording.
  • Recording files must be manually named (via simple cursor titling interface) at the end of each recording.
  • Backlit 132 x 64 pixel LCD display
  • Max USB transfer rate: 0.5MB/sec
  • Does not appear as mountable volume on desktop, special transfer software is necessary to move audio to/from device.

Variants: Jukebox C appears to be 6GB price reduced version. Records in WAV/PCM format as original Jukebox does.


Specs: SNR: >90dB


User Manuals: Jukebox, JukeboxC

Battery LifePlay
NiMH4 hr

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