Onkyo MD-125

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All, MD-2321, 125, 110M

Onkyo MD-125High end MD deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)
MSRP ¥75,000
in: optical x 2, coax, line. out: line, ?435x121x310mm, 4.6kg

Features: 20 bit resolution recording and playback. 20 bit A/D, 32x oversampling 20 bit D/A. Sampling rate converter. [Apparently] separate transformers for digital and analog sections. Synchro start recording. Program play, random play, music scan, repeat, AB repeat. Remote: RC-339MD.

Links: Onkyo's Japanese page for this unit.

Specs: 10-20kHz +/-0.5dB, THD 0.004% (@1 kHz, playback), Dynamic range: 97dB, S/N: 103dB (playback).


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