Panasonic SJ-MJ30

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Panasonic SJ-MJ30Portable MD player
I ntro 10/98
Intro: 12/1998 (? guess)
MSRP ¥33,000
OUT: headphone. IN: DC 1.5V75.5 x 16.9 x 83.5mm, 149g (largest ext. dimensions: 78.9 x 18.1 x 85.1mm)

Features: Unusual disc loading mechanism in which top cabinet lifts up during disc insertion and removal (effectively a slot-in/clamshell hybrid). 10 second shock memory. Had world's smallest EL backlit LCD remote (8.1mm) in Oct '98. Remaining battery power indicator function on remote. X-Bass and "train" tone settings. Repeat 1/all, shuffle play modes. Battery life: NiMH gumpack: 12 hr, AAx1: 19 hr, both: 34 hr. Accesories: earbuds, remote, cord-clip, AA cell, battery case, carrying case, battery charger, NiMH cell, NiMH case. Optional accesories: car adapter RP-AK15 (¥3800), DC IN adapter RP-WA10 (¥1500), AC adapter RP-AC11B (¥2700), cassette adapter SH-CDM10A (¥3700). (Note: When using car adapter or AC adapter, the DC IN adapter is necessary).

Links: Panasonic's Japanese announcement with photos. Sankei Japanese announcement of Panasonic's SJ-MJ30 portable player.

Specs: Headphone: 6mW+6mW. Freq. resp: 20-20kHz +0/-6dB

User Comments: I've taken apart my Panasonic MJ30 and MJ75 and was able to dig up some info on the web about the chips I saw. On each of these units, there's a Sanyo chip set (decode-only ATRAC chip and "RF head amp", as listed on press releases), and a Panasonic chip (listed simply as microcomputer). The first Sanyo chip set documented online has ATRAC chip LC89640, and was announced in November 97. The set that has LC89641 was announced in September 98. While the older set consumes 120mW when in use, the newer set only consumes 46mW. These Sanyo chips all incorporate digital bass boost. However, they don't include the DRAM for shock-resistant purposes. Instead, they support external DRAMs. The MJ30 has the LC89641 set. The MJ75, meanwhile, has a LC89642 set. Info about the MJ75's chip was not found online, but it's probably another evolution. The specifications for the microcomputers have also been found. The MJ30 uses MN101C15C, which has RAM 2048(x8bit) and ROM 48K(x8bit). The MJ75 uses MN101C28D, which has RAM 2048(x8bit) and ROM 64K(x8bit). I'd like to mention that the MJ75 takes apart really nicely. Remove the screws that hold the bottom cabinet, then the unit can be split into three parts: bottom cabinet, chassis, top lid + disc holder. No small bits and pieces to worry about. The circuitry/mechanism is also uncluttered, almost elegant. -Leon

The Panasonic NiCd 1.2V 600mAh which came with the UK version of Panasonic SJMJ-75 and the Panasonic NiMH 1.2V 1400mAh that came with the Panasonic SJMJ-70 are compatible with the Sony MZ-R/E900. Both can be recharged on Sony's charger and vice versa. Sony's own NiMH 1.2V 1350mAh battery can be used on Panasonic models and charger. Jon Choo


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