Panasonic SJ-MR100

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Photos: Japan Direct
Panasonic SJ-MR100Portable MD Recorder
Intro: 6/1999
MSRP ¥46,000
IN: line/optical, mic. OUT: headphone. DC in: 1.8VWHD: 84x77x18.9mm, (84.9x78.3x20.5mm max outer dim), 136g body only (161g w/batt)

Features: World's smallest and lightest MD recorder as of June, 1999. Unit incorporates .25um rule LSI and newly developed one beam optical pickup (world's thinnest: 6.6mm). Text display on main body is 2 X 12 characters. Edge mounted jog dial with integral push button for labelling and track selection (while playing a track, other track names may be examined and a new track selected). Can title while playing a track (though machine updates TOC and leaves unit at start of disc after every track title operation). Special "one track record" function puts unit into rec-pause mode after a CD track finishes. Divide rehearsal mode with 60ms adjustment step (like the Aiwa AM-F70 and home decks). Backlit remote. 40 second shock memory. Synchro-recording, sampling rate converter. Time Mark mode (automatic track marks at 3 or 5 minute intervals). Battery charges only when unit is stopped. No AGC(?), recording level control limited to "high/low" sensitivity switch (manual states that High sensitivity is for recording from portable products, and Low sensitivity is for recording from hi-fi products or boomboxes).


Specs: Freq. Resp: 20-20kHz +0/-8dB, Headphone amp: 5mW+5mW into 14 Ohms. Line input: impedance: 47kOhms, level: High sens: 178mV, Low sens: 500mv. Mic input: impedance: 600 Ohms, level: 0.4mV. Power sources: Rechargeable: 1.2V, AA cell: 1.5V, AC adapter: 1.8V. AC power consumption at power off: 1.6W.


User Manual: SJ-MR100

Service Manual: SJ-MR100

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH 1400mAh10 hr6 hr3 hr
AA x 114 hr2.5 hr
Both25 hr12 hr

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