Pioneer MJ-D7/D707

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Pioneer MJ-D7
Pioneer MJ-D707
MD Deck
Intro: 6/1998
MSRP ¥65,000
IN: line, optical, coax. OUT: line x 2, optical, (D7 may have coax out, but D707 definitely does not have coax out).420 x 105 x 294mm, 3.9kg

Features: Uses a Pioneer developed ATRAC, which they call "ASRAC" (apparently improves bit allocation by considering the bit requirements of all 3 frequency bands). Incorporates Pioneer's "Digital Noise Reduction" (already available on some Pioneer cassette decks) and "Legato Link Conversion" (which synthetically produces frequencies up to 40kHz). Digital recording level control (-48dB to +12dB). Time skip function allows quick movement through audio material at 30s or 60s per click. Medley playback function fades across track changes. Name clip function allows track titles to be duplicated and edited. Synchro start recording. Name clip (copy and paste?) function.

Links: Pioneer's English page for the MJ-D707 (thought to be rebadged D7 for US import). Pioneer Europe's MJ-D707 pages. AJ's review of the unit.

Specs: freq resp.: 8-20kHz, SNR: 101dB (D7), 100dB (D707), Dyn. range: 94dB, THD: .005%


User Manual: MJ-D7

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