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Sharp MD-PS1Digital Camera
Intro: 3/1997
street: ¥103,800
in: mic, line, optical (in 1 connector!), out: video, PC parallel port, headphones120x111x51mm 550g w/batt.

Features: Digital still camera which records 2000 (1000) 640X480 images in standard (resp. high) image quality on MD Data discs. Can also record images and audio (stereo/mono) together, holding up to 365 images and 40 (80) minutes of stereo (resp. mono) audio. Also functions as a normal audio MD recorder/player with MD Audio discs, including titling and editing functions. Includes 2.5" TFT LCD finder (plus small optical finder), interval picture playback (5, 10, 30s), time lapse recording (20s to 24hr), 350,000 pixel progressive scan CCD, standard / 2X / telephoto / macro and flash phography modes, auto/manual shutter speed (1/2-1/4000s), 2X zoom playback (doubles size of sections of recorded images), date search function (can find all pictures shot on a single day). Data can be uploaded and downloaded through parallel port at 130Kbyte/s, can serve as normal MD Data storage device for PCs.

Specs: Dual focus Lens: Standard: F4.0 f=6mm (35mm camera f=43 equiv.)/ Telephoto F5.6 f=12mm (35mm camera f=86 equiv.). Pan focus (45 cm to inf.) or Macro (20cm to 24cm). CCD: 350,000 pixels.

Links: Sharp's Electronics Show Report, a PC Watch review (translated), Sharp's Comdex Page. Sharp's comprehensive MD-PS1 digital camera pages. Sharp's Japanese page announcing the unit. Sharp showed their MD camera at Electronics Show '96.


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