Sony MDX-C800REC

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XA-D110 TOSlink to digital input adapter (available separately)
Sony MDX-C800RECIn Dash AM/FM Reciever and MD Recorder
Intro: 3/2000
Street ~US$700
IN: analog and digital (non-optical)
OUT: Speakers, pre-out X 2
Single DIN

Features: First in-dash single DIN MiniDisc recorder. Records from radio, or connected CD or MD changer. Timer recording can continue recording even after faceplate is removed. SSIR-EXA Adaptive Reception tuner, fold-down detachable faceplate, 4-color dot matrix display, D Bass adjustable bass boost. Wired and wireless remote control options. 40-second shock resistant memory, CD/MD changer controls, TV controls for Sony mobile video equipment, 18 FM/12 AM presets, wide bit stream processing, CD Text (with CD text discs and a text-compatible Sony CD changer), D-Bass processing w/ auto level adjust, timer recording (up to 80 minutes after you park), Time Machine recording captures 10 seconds of music prior to recording, MD edit, digital input for CD changer, Rotary Encoder w/ cross key pad, telephone attenuator, multi-language display

Notes: Digital input is not optical, separately available XA-D110 adapter is needed to allow input via TOSlink. (Sony's uninformative page for the adapter).



Specs: 18 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels, MD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz, MD signal-to-noise ratio 92 dB, FM sensitivity 8 dBf

Comments: At last, a way to remove unwanted tracks while on the road! -eaw

User Manual: MDX-C800REC

Service Manuals: MDX-C800REC, MDX-C800REC-a

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