Sony MZ-E20/E40

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Sony MZ-E20
Sony MZ-E40
portable player
Intro: 1/1997
msrp: $250
out: hdphn129.9 x 24.5 x 79mm, 170g w/o bat

Features: ATRAC 3.5 (CXD2536AR), "Vertical" design, large LCD readout, 10 second buffer memory. Provides 4 hours playback on two AA batteries. Unit will accept the Sony Ni-MH battery-pack model BP-DM20 which charges internally in about 3 hours using the AC adapter and provides 3 hours [Sony] to 4 hours [user report] continuous playback. Unit not available in Japan.

Variants: Unit dubbed MZ-E20 in Europe and Canada and comes without the AC adapter

Comments: Tips: If you can't get enough output from your MZ-E40 try a pair of Koss Porta Pro or Porta Pro Jr. phones for $40. They look like full-size foam earpad phones but cleverly fold up into a 3.5 x 2.5" bundle. They develop strong bass and have an spl around 105dB (compared to 90-96dB for most headphones). Also, see the Headphone Amps section of the accessories table.

A user writes that using the MZ-E40 with a power adapter and playing it at full volume can cause it to overheat and shutdown. A solution in a car environment (if you have a separate power amp) is to wire the E40 directly to the car's power amp inputs so that you may run the unit at a lower volume setting.

NiCads can be charged inside the unit by using a small piece of cardboard or rubber eraser to hold down the charger enabling switch inside the battery compartment.

A user reports: I learned to use only Duracell alkaline batteries with this player (7.5 hours per pair with the player mostly sitting still). Rechargeable alkalines don't last long enough -- only 1.5 to 4 hours, they are unreliable. He later adds: I bought two pairs of Duracell Ultra AA's. The first pair only lasted 6 hours; I was walking around. The second pair lasted 7:45 -- only fifteen minutes longer than the standard batteries, not the 1 hour longer as claimed on the web site. That is enough testing to indicate to me that the Ultras do not last much longer than the standard model, but cost significantly more. I got some 12 hours out of the expensive Lithium AA batteries with the E40.

Misfeatures: The E40 bridges the bass to mono when megabass is enabled. Check by switching back and forth between megabass and flat, listen for the bass part of the music jump to the center. -Michael Hoffman

Links: Sony's announcment of the MZ-E40 MD player. Sony US page info, and Sony US MDBUNDLE4 page. A user's review of the MZ-E40. A user's review of the MD Bundle3 (which includes the MZ-E40). A TWICE CES '97 article mentions the Sony MZ-F40 AM/FM/MD player. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.


User Manuals: MZ-E20, MZ-E40, MZ-E20 courtesy Glenn Stasse

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