Sound Feeder SF100


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Sound Feeder SF100LINE to FM audio signal converterUS$30
3.5" x 2" x .75", 3.5oz

Description: Accepts a headphone or line level audio signal and modulates it onto the FM band for playing on a car radio. An alternative to cassette based adapters.

Manufacturer's Description: The SF100 SoundFeeder is the ideal solution for you to be able to play your portable CD Player through your existing car stereo system. It is an FM modulated device that transmits the sound from your portable CD or Mini Disc player directly to your car's FM radio, providing amplified stereo sound without the bother of dangerous (and often illegal) headphones. SoundFeeder also has a built-in DC adapter that powers most CD players (3, 4.5, and 6V) thereby saving the cost of batteries. Just plug the SF100 into the lighter socket, connect the audio cord to your portable player, and tune in an unused FM station and you'll enjoy top notch clear sound quality.

Links: SoundFeeder page

Specifications: Operating Voltage DC Supply: 12v-18v. Consumption Current: 22mA (No input signal). Tuning Frequency (FM): 88 - 108MHz. Channel Separation: 40 dB (Stereo). Maximum Input Impedance: 1 ohm. External Power Supply DC: 500mAa (Selectable) 3V, 4.5V, and 6V. Audio Response: 50Hz-15KHz (+/- 3 dB).


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