Martin Danek WinRemotePC Controller and Titler$47 USD
COM port of PC85 x 60 x 25 mm

Description: Hardware & software solution, which allow you to control SONY audio devices (MD, CD, Tuner, Amplifier, TV, Video ..) and titling MDs from your computer (running Windows 95, 98 or NT).
You can control and title MDs in realtime from your PC keyboard or write titles to text file (or load titles from CDDB internet database) and then send them to MD in batch mode. You can also write scripts (sequence of commands) for controlling SONY devices.
WinRemote work only with SONY MiniDisc decks (not with portables). It's fully compatible with modern decks (MDS-JA50ES, MDS-JA30ES, MDS-W1, MDS-JB920, MDS-JE700, MDS-JE520, MDS-JE510, MDS-JE500, MDS-S38,MDS-S37) and you can use it with older MD decks too (MDS-303, MDS-S35, ...) but titling from text file is slower and realtime titling isn't available on older units. WinRemote can be used with SONY mini systems (DHC-MD515, DHC-MD313, DHC-MD5, ...) where you can controll all components (MD, CD, Tuner, Amplifier, ...)

Links: Martin Danek's MiniDisc Titling Page. John Small's WinRemote review (of an earlier version of the software, before the CDDB interface). Also: Danek's homebrew MD titling system for DOS machines, updated to include the RM-D10P codes. Danek's software for a Universal Infra Red Controller.


Martin Danek AudioLibDatabase of recordings (MD titler & labeller)$25 USD ($57 with hardware)

Description: AudioLib is database application designate for storing informations of audio recordings (especially on MDs and CDs).
It's 32bit Windows95/NT application, which allow you to:

  • Store informations of your audio recordings
  • Search for specific Album, Track, Singer, ...
  • Title MiniDisc directly from database (with WinRemote hardware)
  • Print labels for MDs and CDs
  • Load CD tracks info from CDDB internet database
  • Replicate data with other users of AudioLib
So with AudioLib you can:
  • Download tracks info from CDDB database (or enter titles manually)
  • Print labels for MDs (or CDs)
  • Title MD (in SONY MD deck) - send titles to MD directly from this database
And you can do it all in one program during about 2 minutes (and what's more: you have stored informations about your MDs in database).

Links: Martin Danek's MiniDisc Titling Page


Minidisc UK MiniDisc TitlerPC to Sony MD Walkman titling interface - v2.0UK:£21.50, elsewhere: US$40
PC side: parallel port, MD side: Sony remote 4 pin plug

Description: The MiniDisc Titler connects between a PC's printer port and a Sony MD Walkman. With the bundled software you will be able to control basic MD functions and title your discs from your PC keyboard, without having to use the remote control.

Links: Available from Minidisc UK.

Compatability: Functions with these Sony MD portable recorders: MZ-R37, MZ-R70, MZ-R55, MZ-R90, MZ-R91, MZ-R700/R701, MZ-G750/G755, MZ-R900.


Sony RM-IA10KInteractive Remote Control System¥32,000
remote: 160x40x111mm, 280g, base: 124x30x90mm, 130g


  • IR remote control for wireless titling, editing and controlling MD systems (compatible with DHC-MD777/MD555 "Pixy" bookshelf systems).
  • 3.8" LCD display
  • Touch-pen keyboard based input and display of kanji and hirigana tiles for MD/CD/Tuner (station names).
  • Can hold title information for up to 100 CDs.
  • CD-Text support.
  • Apparently couples through same HiFi component port that PCLK-PC3 kit uses, since both cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Consists of two components: Handheld display unit and HiFi system connection (base unit).


Sony RM-D10P
Sony RM-D11P
Sony RM-D20P
Keyboard Remote Control
Intro: 6/1996
185 x 105 x 15-30 mm

Description: QWERTY keyboard-layout based remote control for titling and editing. Though too small to touch type on, and lacking even 1 key rollover, makes MD titling much quicker. Works only in conjunction with the modern MD decks: MJ-L1, DHC-MD99/ MD77/ MD5/ ??, CMT-M11C, MXD-D1, and MDS-S37/ JE500/ JE510/ JE700/ 503/ J3000/ JA30ES/ JA50ES. A picture of the layout is available.

Links: A user has contributed a review of the RM-D10P, and a list of all the RM-D1OP codes.

Variants: RM-D20P was introduced in 9/1998 and appears nearly identical to the RM-D10P

Availability: Nic Boyde once carried this unit.

Compatibility with MDS-302/303/S30/S35: Trying the RM-D10P with the S30 (small-box version of the MDS-302), this is what happens: (1) MD function keys (play, pause, stop, etc.) work. (2) Edit zone keys (erase, divide, combine, move, etc.) do not work. (3) "Name" key works, but the alphanumeric labeling keys do not work. -Stuart Kiang


User Manual: RM-D11P

Sony KB-10Titling Keyboard¥6000
PS/2289 x 144 x 29 mm

Description: QWERTY PS/2 keyboard for titling (just nice because its small and Sony).

Links: A machine translation of Sony's very brief descripion

Compatibility: Should work with any MD system with a PS/2 input jack. It will also work with modern PCs.


Syrovatka & Sabata EasyTitleKeyboard Remote Titler and Controller$49 EasyTitle2
72 x 130 x 29 mm

Description: EASYTITLE2 is back in production (10/01).  PC/AT keyboard hardware adapter that allows fast and comfortable MD titling and controlling on modern SONY MD decks as well as controlling of other audio devices like CD Player, Amplifier, Tuner, Tape, VCR, TV, etc.
Works with same decks as SONY RM-D10P but provides deep keyboard buffer for fast typing speed and useful Shift, Caps Lock and Back Space keys as well as other additional functionality. Features almost 400 configurable shortcut keys (it is easy to create a custom keyboard layout), build in countdown timer, build in repeatable countdown timer, 16 configurable (containing up to 8 commands) macros, 3 extra long (containing up to 1023 commands) macros, learning of shortcuts and macros from other remotes. Powered by four R6 (AA) batteries or by AC adapter.
Optional serial interface allows on-line and off-line titling and controlling from a computer.

Update: EasyTitle Version 2 has been released (August 6, 1999), with several added features including an optional serial port, for PC controlled titling.

Links: EasyTitle Page. DIY plans for the earlier EasyTitle 1.


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