Purchasing MD Equipment

Where can I get a MiniDisc recorder?

Many large appliance/electronics stores carry the recorders and blank discs (e.g. Best Buy (who has a serious MD promotion), Circuit City, Service Merchandise, and most electronics specialty shops). There are also mail order places that sell MiniDisc equipment. Have a look in the rec.audio Mail Order FAQ if you are wondering which places are reputable. You can also try Sony's Dealer Locator service (for the USA only) or their Factory Outlets. For Sharp equipment, call 1-800-BE-SHARP to find a Sharp dealer near you.

Price Comparison Search Engines

Aaron Satz maintains the Price Comparison Table, listing online MD merchants and their prices for current MiniDisc portables.

Used Equipment: You can browse or post to the MD used equipment classified ads.

Used and refurbished MiniDisc equipment can often be found at Sony Outlets (check your yellow pages), and is sometimes sold in online auctions such as:

Attention Suppliers: We will be happy to provide a link to your page providing you supply MD blanks, equipment or accessories. Banners are placed in exchange for monthly donations to a charity that we can agree upon, please contact us for details.

MD audio suppliers in North America include:

In South America, suppliers include:

In Europe, suppliers include:

Japan-Direct will purchase and ship any equipment
available in Japanese shops per your request.

Australasian suppliers:

Attention: Import duties and surface shipping alternatives should be borne in mind by those importing electronics goods to America.

Street Shopping while Abroad

A few individuals have contributed information about purchasing MD equipment while traveling:

Who makes blank MiniDiscs and where can I buy them cheaply?

As of Oct. '99 there are recordable MD blank facilities in: Other web pages for companies selling blanks under their name:


Suppliers in North America include:

European suppliers:

Australasian suppliers:

An old price survey of blank MiniDiscs gives further MD blank suppliers, world wide. See the MD Data products table for other suppliers of MD Data disks.

What is available in Pre-recorded MDs?

Listings of Pre-recorded discs:


European suppliers:

Australasian suppliers:

Where can I get MD Accessories?

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