David Popovits (Sigma D.O. Electronics)

David has contributed a detailed and interesting repairman's view of portable MD recorder problems plus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 pages of followup questions and answers.

Company name: Sigma D.O. Electronics (established in 1983, by Popovits David)

What we do? We develop and produce electronic products by customer order (hardware and software). We have an audio-video laboratory where we repair this equipment, including DAT and of course MDs (all models). We make special power supplies for MD/DAT/Notebook computers. In addition we give full service for electronic industrial equipment (gas companies and others). We have some daughter companies for special products in computer and medical environment.

Address: 3, Sheinkin str. Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel. 972-3-6290339
Fax. 972-3-6203579
E-mail: [email protected] (Note: for specific questions related to MD repair, please check the MD Repair board before e-mailing!)

P.O. Box 4836, Tel Aviv 61040, Israel.

How to get a MiniDisc unit fixed by us:

  1. The MD must be packed well, both to prevent shocks and humidity.
  2. Send only what is to be repaired or suspected to be related to the problem. (Don't send power supplies unless they are part of the problem).
  3. Inside the box add description of the problem, and a separate declaration saying:
    I (Full name) from (full address) declare that the goods herewith (Brand, model of MD and serial number) are sent to David Popovits from Sigma D.O. Electronics In Israel for repair.
    Another copy of this text is to be placed in a plastic bag attached to the parcel (outside).
  4. Keep weight of the parcel under 500gr (If possible) in order to get lowest shipping price. Put a big "FRAGILE - Handle with care" sticker on the parcel
  5. We send back by EMS (3 days delivery). The cost is $20 to America and Europe, $25 for Africa and Far East.
  6. MDs average repair price is $80. If we'll find that the price is higher we'll email the costumer. If agreed we shall repair it. If not agreed the MD will be sent back to the client. In this case the payment will be $10 + postage price.
  7. Do not send cash money in the parcel.
  8. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Personal cheques are accepted as well with an $8 extra payment.
  9. Payment will be done prior to sending the MD back
  10. Keep copy of the delivery note received from the courier/Post. Email us the number as soon as the MD is sent for fast tracking of the parcel.

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