Pioneer MEH-P5000R


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Pioneer MEH-P5000RMD in dash head unit
Intro: 1

Dual RCA/Phono Pre-out, Speaker out x 4, Audio in (proprietary connector), telephone mute180 x 50 x 150mm

Features: In dash AM/FM/MD unit. Optional steering wheel remote and voice controller(!) available. Multi-CD control for system expansion, CD disk title memory/search, 'Easy EQ' - preset EQ's for popular car acoustics, 3-band programmable EQ works independantly for each source, Multi-MD control, IP bus for external unit control, Remote control ready, Removable front panel. Tuner: High-speed PLL ARC-5 'Intelligent' tuner, RDS/EON (news interrupt). MD-Player: Title scroll, track scan/repeat, random play, pause. Tuner: Hi-speed RDS with EON & PTY, News Interrupt, ARC 5, BSA, High speed PLL tuner, PNS (Pulse Noise Suppressor), Number of presets : 24, BSM, Mini-Disc: 20-bit D/A converter, Sure Track System, MD Title Scroll, Track Scan/Repeat, Random Play, MD Pause, Audio: Easy EQ (EEQ), Front Image Enhancer : 3-mode, Loudness : 3-mode, Source Level Adjuster, Fader, RCA preout : Dual, General: Multi-CD control / CD ready, CD Server control, Multi-MD Control, External Unit control via IP-Bus, Remote control ready, Illumination : Multi-colour display with dual button illumination, Ultra-slim removable front panel with warning beep, RFP (Removable Front Panel) alert, Cellular telephone audio muting, Optional Steering Wheel Remote: CD-SR70, Optional Voice Controller: CD-VC50

Links: Pioneer Europe's MEH-P5000R page. Pioneer USA's MEH-P5000 page. A flyer for Pioneer's MEH-P500R car MD unit.front back.

Specs: Specifications: FM: Frequency range (MHz) : 87.5 - 108 Usable sensitivity (dBf/uV, 75 ohms) : 11/1.0 S/N ratio (dB) : 70 Frequency response (Hz) : 30-15,000 Stereo separation (dB) : 40 MW: Frequency range (kHz) : 531 - 1,602 Usable sensitivity (uV) : 18 LW: Frequency range (kHz) : 153 - 281 Usable sensitivity (uV) : 30 Mini Disc Player: Frequency response 20 - 20,000 (Hz) S/N ratio (dB/1 kHz) 84 Dynamic range (dB/1 kHz) 93 General: Max. power output (EIAJ) : 4 x 40 W Continuous output power (DIN45324, +B=14,4V) : 4 x 25 W RCA preout voltage (mV/ohms) : 500/1k


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