Aiwa AM-HX100

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Aiwa AM-HX100portable MD player
Intro: 4/2001

71.1W x 12.6H x 77.2D mm, 56g (81g w/batt)

Features: World's smallest and lightest portable MD player, with longest playback time (as of April 2001). MDLP and Group Function compatible. 40-second anti-shock protection, remote control has 10-character backlit LCD, sentence-repeat function, unit is recharged by placing it in recharge stand, power-saving mode to extend battery life (by disabling the LCD), programmable alarm functions, available in silver, black, and blue.

Links: Aiwa's official English page for the AM-HX100. The T-Station also has a page on the Aiwa AM-HX100.

Specs: 8mW per channel. 100V AC when using included AC adapter. Times listed are for SP/LP2/LP4.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH29/38/45 hr3.5 hr
AA x 140/72/75 hr
Both75/107/125 hr

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