Aiwa AM-HX150

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Aiwa AM-HX150portable MD player
Intro: 5/2001
OUT: headphones71.1W x 12.6H x 77.2D mm, 56g (81g w/batt)

Features: Smallest and lightest portable MD player as of May 2001. MDLP compatible. Includes clip-type headphones that wrap behind one's ears, with pause and play buttons located on the headphone housing. 40-second anti-shock protection (160 seconds in LP4 mode), unit is recharged by being placed in recharging stand, sentence repeat function, LCD can be disabled to extend battery life, backlit LCD remote control,

Links: Aiwa's official English page for the AM-HX150. A Japanese press release covering the AM-HX150.

Specs: 8mW x 2 output. Times listed are for SP/LP2/LP4 modes.


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH29/38/45 hr3.5 hr
AA x 140/72/75 hr
Both75/107/125 hr

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