Aiwa XR-W88MD

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Aiwa XR-W88MDCD/double-MDLP bookshelf system
Intro: 2/2003
Street: ¥50,000
In: line, optical. USB. Out: line, subwoofer pre-out, headphones244 x 315.7 x 147mm (speaker: 142 x 222 x 244mm), 10.6Kg


  • MDLP support.
  • Double MD drives can be used for extended length recording and playback, as well as various editing functions.
  • 2X CD->MD copying.
  • One track and synchro record modes.
  • Remaining recording time display.
  • 2X high speed playback mode.
  • Scale Factor edit
  • Opening/Closing type control panel
  • Titling IR remote (can title while recording is underway)
  • Not NetMD, yet AVWatch mentions USB input, indicating support for realtime audio transfer from PC or possibly simply playback of PC audio through unit's amp and speakers.
  • Randon/Repeat/25 Track program play modes for CD/MD.
  • No indication that MD->MD copying is possible (how in their right minds can they leave that off a double drive system!?)


Specs: Amp: 20W+20W


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