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All, CA-MD70, MXS5RMD, NX-MD1/MD1000, MX-S6MDR, UX-A70MD, MX-S55, EX-MD90L, MX-MD70, FS-MD9000, MX-S7WMD, WMD90, CA-MD9, WMD90, MXS6

JVC EX-MD90LBookshelf MD system
Intro: 1
MSRP $1100
IN: line, optical x 2. OUT: optical, sub-woofer (line level), speakers

Features: CD rec-start button. MD section: 1 bit DAC and ADC. Titling possible during recording or playback. Sampling rate converter. CD section: 3 CD player (with independent drawers). 1 bit DAC. Both CD and MD: Program (up to 32 tracks), smart random, and repeat play modes. 15 track program chart. Full function keyboard remote for titling. Programmable timer (Daily/Record/Sleep). JVC Compu-link system for inter-component communications and control.

Links: JVC's EX-MD90 page.

Specs: Amp: 20 watts per channel.


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