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All, CA-MD70, MXS5RMD, NX-MD1/MD1000, MX-S6MDR, UX-A70MD, MX-S55, EX-MD90L, MX-MD70, FS-MD9000, MX-S7WMD, WMD90, CA-MD9, WMD90, MXS6

JVC FS-MD9000Compact CD/MD/AM/FM bookshelf system
Intro: 1
MSRP $770
IN: line, optical. OUT: line, subwoofer (line level)

Features: 1 bit ADC and DAC. 20 step Program/random/repeat play modes. 15 track program chart. CD synchro start recording. Sampling rate converter. Motor-driven volume control. 15 AM and 15 FM station memory with Auto Preset. Clock/Timer with 20-minute back-up and "Snooze" function.

Links: JVC's FD-MD9000 page. AudioFile does a review of the UX-MD9000R (nearly identical to the FD-MD9000).

Notes: One user praises the bass response of the UX-MD9000R:

I just tested JVC UX-MD9000R, for a neighbor... Its a incredible tiny bookshelf unit, with diminutive (even smaller) speakers... I had to admit that I was in first hand testing Sony 333 one more time, but I want to give very good advice, so I also listen carefully on all others (six units from JVC, Sharp and Sony) including Sony's slim line "boombox" who have almost NO bass, at all... I couldn't believe my eyes, when the miniature JVC had the deepest and clearest bass (!!) of them all and they didn't sound any "boxy" either - even if you cant play loud, with this black masterpiece... You can actually only play with very modest volume, if you want the full register - but then it play the DEEP church organ, on my test MD clear and better than anyone else, so the single element pump about a centimeter... A single element, also means great definition and to my second surprise, clear airy treble! But the machine cost $700 here, so something is bad and the remote is plain ugly... Other vice, I love the look, with the shiny black speakers - - even if the ergonomics stinks, with no volume knob and all controls on the top. Check it out, if you never need to play loud!! - Blomberg (vd) Mystre KB


User Manual: FS-MD9000

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