Kenwood DMC-M7R

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Kenwood DMC-M7R
(Courtesy IGN)
Photo: Youn
Sharp MD-MT77
Sharp MD-MT877
Kenwood DMC-M7R
portable MD recorder
Intro: 11/2000
IN: optical/line, microphone
OUT: line/headphones
78.7D x 71.9W x 16.8H mm, 131g w/batt (Kenwood DMC-M7R: 72.7 x 17.0 x 79.3, 137g)

Features: MDLP capable. Smallest portable MD recorder in the world as of October 2000. Battery "memory effect" is reduced by automatic discharging circuitry in the charge stand. Can interface with a computer via USB connection kit (AD-PCR2), allowing track and title management and automatic label printing of a MiniDisc's contents, as well as an audio connection. "Scan" feature plays the first five seconds of each track. Two-line 12-character LCD display, digital recording level control, X-BASS boost, 40-second shock protection (provides 160 second protection in LP4 mode), hand strap. Microphone-synchronized recording function only records when sound is heard. Mono mode recordings can be played back at 2x speed. Track ``auto-mark'' function can be set to mark a track at regular intervals (3,5,10 minutes?). "Name Stamp" function allows easy copying of character information from one disc to another.

Variants: US (and Euro?) model badged the MD-MT877.



Specs: 5mW+5mW headphone output, 20 bit D/A converter, 1.2V NiMH, 1.5V AA, 5V adapter. Disc spins at about 400-1,350 rpm.
(battery times shown show SP/LP2/LP4)

User Manuals: MD-MT77, Update

Service Manual: MD-MT77

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH12/13.5/15 hr6.5/9/11.5 hr3.5 hr
AA x 116/19.5/22 hr6/10/13 hr
Both29/33/40 hr15/22/30 hr

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