Kenwood DMC-J7R

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Pioneer PMD-R3
Photo: Boyde
Kenwood DMC-J7R
Sharp MD-MS701
Sharp MD-MS702
Pioneer PMD-R3
Kenwood DMC-J7R
Portable MD recorders,
Intro: 9/1997
MSRP ¥47,000/ 48,000, street: ¥39,800
IN: optical/line, mic. OUT: headphone, DC in: 3.6V (LiIon) 3V (2AA), 4.5V (car), 5V (AC)87x29.4x81.5, pocket weight: MS701: 216g, MS702: 219g

Features: First recorder with an ``MD Jacket'' (i.e. square front face) design. Sharp ATRAC 5. 10 second shock memory. New 1 chip LSI incorporating the [digitalized] RF section, signal processing encoder/decoder, digital servo, EFM processing and audio compression/decompression circuitry. MS702 is ``sporty look'' model. Sampling rate converter. Digital/Line/Mic synchro start, goes into pause after 3 seconds silence. Mono recording. 2X quick playback mode. Time automarking at 3, 5 and 10 minute intervals. ``Moji Stamp'' function allows text transfer from original to newly recorded disc. Manual recording level control only (no AGC), microphone sensitivity selection is built-in, as part of the recording level control setting (0-20: HIGH, 21-30: LOW). Katakana/ Alphanumeric/ Symbol titling. Random, all repeat, 1 repeat play modes.

Included Accessories: Backlit LCD remote, headphones, LiIon rechargeable, AC adapter, AA case, carrying case.

Mis-features: No date/time stamp during recording. Be aware that when recording from the mic input and you adjust the recording level, a small 'glitch' (a few millisecs silence) will be recorded where the level drops from MIC 'H' to MIC 'L' (position 20 on the 0 - 30 level scale). -Graham Baker

TOC Undo: TOC Undo with the Kenwood DMC-J7R is very simple: Remove the battery/unplug the power supply without turning the unit off. When powered up again, it forgets that there are unwritten TOC changes. -Stefan Werner

Problems: There have been reports on MD-L of Sharp MD-MS701/702 units malfunctioning, displaying intermittent "UTOC Error" messages with damaged/irrecoverable recordings as a result. A user ([email protected]) advises:

  1. It is important not to do an auto calibration in service mode without a "tdys1" (sony) testing MD or equivalent (Teac). This will definetly cause more problems!
  2. Unit should be returned immediately when the first UTOC errors appear, it is a bad sign! It makes no sense to wait until the warranty has expired.
Sharp later introduced the 702MK model to address the UTOC problem. Failure rates for this newer version are reported by to be about the same as they have seen for other modern MD recorders (1-2%).

Accessories: Sharp seems to have sold the MD-MS702 outside of Japan without the external AA cell case. It's available though from Planet Minidisc and Minidisco.


Specs: 20-20kHz +/-3dB, wow & flutter <.001% peak. Output: Line: 300mV (-12dB) (50Kohms). Headphones: 10mW+10mW (32ohms). Input: Mic H: 0.25mV 10kOhms. Mic L: 2.5mV 10kOhms. Line: 100mV 20kOhms.


User Manuals: MD-MS701, HTML

Service Manual: MD-MS701

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon AD-S31BT (3.6V 800mAh)5 hr3.5 hr2.5 hr
AA x 28 hr4 hr
Both13 hr7.5 hr

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