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Sony CHC-CL5MDMD bookshelf system
Intro: 5/2001

IN: USB, optical digital
OUT: headphones
main unit: 215W x 285H x 421D mm
speaker: 410W x 285H x 260D mm, 16.2kg to tal weight

Features: 3CD/1MD/1Cassette. MDLP support (2X / 4X record capable). MiniDisc "High Power" Micro System. Full MD Editing (Erase, Divide, Combine, Move, Name & Undo), CD to MD Synchro High Speed Dubbing (2X), Single Slide Open Top Loading Auto Reverse Cassette Deck with Full Logic Operation, FM / AM Tuner with 30 Presets, Bass and Treble Control, Sleep and Wake-Up Timer, CD Syncro Recording, CD Text / Disc Memo, Optional PC-Link available (PCLKM10/A), Remote Control.

Links: Sony Hungaria's (!) official page for the CHC-CL5MD.

Specs: 50W+50W maximum output. 2-way bass reflex speaker w/ 17cm woofer, 5cm tweeter.


User Manual: CHC-CL5MD

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