Sony MZ-NHF800

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Sony MZ-NHF800portable Hi-MD/AM/FM recorder
Intro: 04/2004
In: line, mic, optical. Data: USB. Out: headphones. DC IN: 3V, USB powered81.0w x 29.2h x 78.9d mm, 113g (132g w/batt)

Features: Further cost reduced Hi-MD model with built-in AM/FM tuner (in remote).

  • Stick-type, backlit remote with built-in AM/FM/TV/Weatherband digital tuner.
  • USB connection on main unit.
  • Auto Personal Disk Memory capacity: 9 discs of 500 tracks/3 discs of 2047 tracks.
  • Bookmark function (up to 2047 tracks).
  • "VPT" Acoustic Engine (Virtual Phone Technology = Virtual Surround)
  • 6 Band Equalizer
  • Mic sensitivity (high/low) selector.
  • Quick Mode
  • Rechargeable NiMH AA formfactor battery (NH-7WMAA)
  • Body construction: Plastic
  • Colors: Silver
  • Principal differences from MZ-NH900:
    • No digital pitch control.
    • No digital amp.
    • No line out function.
    • All plastic construction.
    • No charging cradle.
    • No external AA battery case (alkaline AA cells can be used internally).
    • Smaller personal disk memory capacity.
    • No program/group program play mode (really?).
    • AA form-factor NiMH rechargeable cell with less capacity (700mah NH-7WMAA vs. 1000mah NH-10WM).
  • Common to Hi-MD recorders:
    • Records to Hi-MD (1GB) blanks and normal MD blanks reformatted to 300MB.
    • Provides PC uploading of audio recorded from microphone or line input.
    • Functions as USB data drive (FAT format filesystem).
    • Linear PCM and ATRAC3plus recording at 256 ("Hi-SP") and 64 ("Hi-LP") kbps.
    • Included software: SonicStage 2.0 and SimpleBurner
    • Operating power provided over USB bus when connected to a PC.

Markets: US, Europe


Accessories: Remote, NiMH rechargeable battery, AC power adapter, optical cable, usb cable, headphones, carrying pouch


User Manual: MZ-NHF800

Battery life PCM/Hi-SP/Hi-LPPlayRecordRecharge
4/7/9 hr3/5/5 hr2 hr
AA x 110/21/25 hr3/5/6 hr
Battery life SP/LP2/LP4PlayRecordRecharge
7/9/10 hr4/6/7 hr
AA x 120/24/27 hr7/9/11 hr

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