Sony ZS-M1


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Sony ZS-M1Desktop MD System
Intro: 6/1993
MSRP $900
in: optical, line. out: optical, line, headphone18 7/8" x 5 3/4" x 7 3/8" 13lbs. 3oz.

Features: ATRAC 1. MD recorder/player and AM/FM receiver in one unit. Backlit LCD display. Credit card size remote. Editing functions: track divide, combine, swap, erase, song title, disc title (21 character limit). Shock resistant memory. Digital clock/timer. Digital AM/FM tuner with auto stereo channel scan. 24 station memory presets (12 AM, 12 FM). Common Cavity Common Resonance (CCCR) speaker system (Bose speakers, licensed by Sony). Power: 7.5 watts X 2.


User Manual: ZS-M1

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