Sony ZS-M7

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Sony ZS-M7Personal MD system
Intro: 4/1998
MSRP ¥67,000
in: line, out: headphone x 2528x275x139mm, 6.4kg

Features: Slim design MD/CD system. A single button press will digitally copy an entire CD to MD. "To top/to end" button will copy an entire CD track to the end of an MD if pressed while listening to a CD track. MD tracks can be titled while recording. Easy to use "MD edit area" with large type electroluminescent display. Tuner has "auto preset" which automatically displays station names for up to 12 stations. When recording from radio, the station name is written on the MD track title. Date and time stamp recording.

Links: Sony's Japanese press release. Sony Europe's ZS-M7 page. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.

Specs: Amp: 7W+7W (EIAJ/4 ohms). Speaker: Full range 8cm cone. Power: 100VAC. Tuner: FM: 76-90MHz, AM: 531-1629KHz.


User Manual: ZS-M7

Service Manual: ZS-M7

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