Sony MZ-N910

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Sony MZ-N910portable NetMD recorder
Intro: 03/2003
In: mic, line/optical. Out: headphones/line78.9w x 72.2h x 15.9d mm, 93g (body only), 116g w/battery

Features: Unit appears to be nearly an MZ-N10 but with a conventional NiMH (gumpack) battery and [non-rotating] jog-lever instead of jog-knob.

  • ATRAC DSP Type S
  • Max 64X download speed (LP4 mode)
  • 200 second (?) G-Protection
  • 6-band equalizer & Virtual Sound
  • Bookmark and group mode functions
  • 3 line display on main body
  • Charge stand (power only, no USB connection)
  • Personal disc memory (remembers settings for 20 discs)
  • Melody Alarm (avoid missed train stops)
  • Jog Lever
  • Variable playback speed (50-150%) [though a user reports the quality is surprising low and hence unusable].
  • Microphone sens. selector
  • Name bank
  • Joint Text (!)
  • Auto time-mark (places track marks at regular intervals [user settable from 1 to 99 minutes] during recording).
  • Date/Time stamp recording
  • backlit LCD remote
  • Fully aluminum body.
  • PowerMode option (NORMAL/QUICK/PowerSave) User manual excerpt:
    • When the power mode is set to "QUICK", the power remains on within the recorder even when nothing appears in the display. This leads to a shorter battery life. For this reason, it is recommended that you charge the battery daily.
    • [In quick mode] if no recorder operation (including opening and closing of the lid) occurs for 17 hours, the power in the recorder automatically turns off. For this reason, the next time you start playback or do another operation, the recorder will not respond quickly. The unit, however, will return to quick mode afterwards.
    • The [Power Save] function allows you to maximize the operating life of the battery when playing the recorder with headphones/earphones (with a remote control) or a line cable connected to the headphone/LINE OUT jack. Power consumption is reduced by turning off the display when no operation has been made for a while.

Markets: UK, Europe, Japan


Included Accessories: USB cable, OpenMG v2.2(?), SonicStage 1.5, Charge stand, backlit LCD remote, Headphones, NiMH cell, battery case, AC adapter, optical cable, carrying case with clip.

Specs: 5mW+5mW headphone amp


User Manuals: MZ-N910, J

Service Manual: MZ-N910

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
31/38/45 hr11/16/20 hr3.5 hr
AA x 147/57/69 hr11/16/21 hr
Both80/95/114 hr29/38/50 hr

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